Course: Learning GO

A collection of go basic fundamentals, syntax and concepts.

Table of contents

Lesson: Go Routines


Is a light weight thread


func main(){
    // Creates a new routine if we use go keyword to any functin keyword
    go printMessage("Go is great")

By default a main go routine is created

A GO app ends when the main go routine is ended

GoRoutines and Channels

  • A Go routine is the GO way of using threads

  • We open a Go Routine just by invoking any function with a go prefix

  • go functionCall()

  • Go routines can communites through channels, a special type of variable

  • A channel contains a value of any kind

  • A routine define a value for a channel and other routine can wait for that value

  • Channels can be buffered or not

var m1 chan string

m2 := make(chan string)

m2 <- "hello"

message := <- m2

To Avoid deadlocks you have to close channels before endign the program with close(chan)

Using len(“Hello”) it return the no of bytes
Emojis have more that one byte
to get accurate length we use strings.len()

Json to GO

online tools that converts json to go structure for us