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Course Information

Welcome to the most active and dynamic Lightroom Course on Udemy. This Course is designed while keeping in mind the best practices and memory Optimization.\n#\nAt the End of this Course you will have a Complete Understanding of Basic Photography Concepts, Different ways of how to fix composition, how to fix and Edit Colors Individually and overall, How add your own creative flare to Your images , how to Create Presets, where to use them , how to use them and Make your presets a Digital product and sell them online for your customers and make money from your newly learned skill.\n#\nAt the End of this Course we have two sections which I will be updating them According to student’s needs and problems.\n#\nThe other section is called ‘I Edit Your Photos’ at that section I will take your photos and edit them then upload the editing session on to the Section for the students to learn new techniques and tools which are introduced in each update of lightroom.\n#\nFor better Understanding of the thought concepts at each section, suitable diagrams and examples have been added to lectures and also at the recourse section of each lecture.\n#\nYou will also be provided with a Basic Photography concepts E-Book as your reference for the future.\n#\nThanks for Choosing the Course.

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Table of Contents

Welcome to the course

  • Course Introduction and Curriculum
  • Lightroom Classic Vs Lightroom CC
  • Course Notes

Get your photos into Lightroom

  • Import Your Photos Into Lightroom Classic CC
  • Organize Your Photos Using Collections
  • Lightroom Rating Systems and Filtering
  • Tag Faces Using Lightroom Face Recognition
  • Best Order to Develop Your Images In Lightroom
  • Tips to speed up your lightroom

Composition Adjustments in lightroom

  • What is Composition ?
  • Best Order to Develop Your Images In Lightroom
  • Auto Lens Corrections
  • Manual Lens Corrections
  • Crop Tool
  • Transform tool

Exposure Adjustments in Lightroom

  • What is Exposure ?
  • Control the Light
  • Fixing Compostion and Exposure of a Landscape
  • Tone Curve Explained
  • How to Use Tone Curve ?
  • Use Tone Curve to Edit Colors
  • Famous Curve Techniques
  • What is Histogram ?

Color Adjustment Tools

  • What is Color Grading ?
  • Lightroom Color Profiles
  • What is White Balance ?
  • Vibrance and Saturation
  • Split Toning
  • HSL
  • HSL Black and White
  • Callibrations

Overall Adjustments

  • Clarity and Dehaze
  • Sharpening
  • Noise Reduction
  • Post Crop Vigneting
  • Add Grain to Your Photos

Local and Selective Adjsutments

  • Spot Removal & Red Eye Removal Tool
  • Graduated Filter
  • Oval & Selective Adjustments
  • Other Lightroom Panels

All about Presets

  • Use Default Lightroom Presets to Edit
  • How to Create Your Own Preset
  • Points to Keep in Mind While Creating Your Own Presets
  • Where Your Presets are Saved ?